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Latest is: 1.7

In Development: -.-

Latest News - June 21, 2002
Made some minor code changes, but nothing new. Basically fixed a couple of typos.

v1.6 now includes a minor change which will allow for the aging of spammers out of the database.


The Spaminator is a collection of a PHP scripted interface, a PERL script, and a simple MySQL database. It grew out of a simple need: managing the access DB within Sendmail 8.x in order to block all of those friggin' spam addresses!

That, and I got tired of getting multiple pieces of SPAM from a single email address.

I would also recommend using this as a compliment towards other spam-aware applications like MIMEDefang and SPAM Assassin.

The Backend - MySQL and PERL

The backend is a single simple table in MySQL which contains just three columns per entry: A datestamp, a userid column, and an email address.
  • The datestamp is simply the date the address was entered into the system.
  • The userid is simply the username of the person who entered the entry into the system.
  • The email address is just that: the email address of the spammer to be blocked.
    If the at sign (@) is omitted, then the entire domain is blocked.

The other attribute of the backend is the perl script which builds the access table from the contents of the database itself. It simply pulls the data out of the database, builds the file, then restarts sendmail. This script must be run out of cron to be as efficient as possible. It can be run by hand, but, really, the overall goal is to make this as easy as possible to manage.

The Frontend - PHP

The front-end is a single PHP script which generates the pages, parses the input to assure accuracy, and enters the items into the database. That's it. It is probably not all that pretty, but it is simple and does the job. Suggested improvements are always welcome.

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